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On a Mission

Hi and welcome! It's Cornbread and Beanz here letting you know how excited we are to be sharing our journey with you. After years of soaking in that Atlanta, Georgia flavor, we decided to take our soul-infused eats to Denver, Colorado.

While we search for a food truck that fits our swag, you can find us setting up our food cart at local events and right down the street from your favorite hangout spots. Shoot...we might even grab a beer with you after the kitchen closes!

Offering brunch, lunch, soulfood, seafood and everything in between, our passion lies in fusing old school recipes with new school flavors. We're famous for our undeniably delicious S'Mackin Cheese and our hella-good breakfast sandwiches. So if you're in the area, you'll have to stop by and grab a bite.

Both Cornbread and I have a background in the culinary arts and enjoy exploring the bold flavors from the south. After years of being disappointed by the same ol' foods, made the same ol' ways, we decided to make it our mission to share our love for creating new dishes with others.

Time after time, while catering parties for friends and family, we were praised for our delicious, authentic, yet totally new twists on classic dishes. So, we put our heads, taste buds and creative spirits together and created Food Hippie - your new favorite food spot.

We want to thank you for being here to support our family business and we're excited to see you at our next event.

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Beanz & Cornbread

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